The information technology revolution really began 600 years ago when Johannes Gutenberg invented moveable type and perfected the printing press. Suddenly ideas could be reproduced rapidly and spread far and wide, fueling the Renaissance. A marvel of elegance and physics, over time the press has changed little. Each sheet of paper is still physically pressed against the raised surface of the letters to be printed. While we've made a few concessions totechnology using the flexibility of computers to create text and graphics which are transferred to relief printing plates these plates are printed on a cast iron machine which weighs nearly the same as a car, and is old enough to have seen the Depression, war, peace, and the first footsteps of man on the moon. And, just as it was in the 15th century, each piece is still carefully imprinted one color at a time, fed by hand.


Each of our pieces are printed on tree-free 100% cotton paper using vegetable based inks and non-toxic press wash. All of our envelopes are sourced from FSC certified mills in the US, and many are made with recycled content. We re-use or recycle every scrap of packaging we receive, and our studios are lit with fluorescent bulbs. We also donate a percentageof our profits to organizations dedicated to fostering wind-energy and forest preservation.